Hifz Program

What is the Hifz program?

The Hifz program is designed to help students memorize the Holy Quran by heart with proper tajweed.

What are the timings for the Hifz program?

Class will begin at 8:30 am and end at 5:00 pm. The last two hours (3:00-5:00) will be for the Academy (online school).

How long does it take to become a Hafiz?

Becomming a Hafiz takes lots of hard work and dedication from both the student as well as the parent. It depends on the students skills and their motivation for memorizing the Quran. We can’t place an exact time frame on how long it will take to become a Hafiz. Some students may take less than 1 year to memorize the Quran, while some students may take up to 3-4 years. On average, it takes 1.5 years to become a Hafiz. Our goal is to help the student memorize the Quran in a way which he may never forget it, with proper tajweed.

Is there a uniform?

Students are expected to come dressed in Islamic attire. Students are expected to wear an all white thobe/jubba or salwar kameez with a cap/topi. If a student does not have a thobe or salwar kameez, the student must wear an all white long sleeve shirt up to the knees.

For more information on the Hifz program, please contact us by phone, email, or by visiting MMI.

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